About Us

The Central Ohio Risk Management Association (CORMA) is comprised of the Cities of Westerville, Upper Arlington, Pickerington, Dublin, Grove City, Powell, Groveport, Canal Winchester and Grandview Heights.

One of the key benefits associated with the CORMA pool has been the degree of governance the current members have over the affairs of the pool. The CORMA membership all have a common form of government, a common commitment to sound risk management and highly- professional elected and appointed officials. CORMA is 100% transparent of all costs/fees associated with administration, insurance procurement and daily operation of the pool.

This has been one of the key strengths of the CORMA pool and one of the attributes the membership has coveted since the inception of CORMA in 1997.

CORMA is not a one size fits all pool. In particular, the CORMA Board seeks members that desire to have ownership in a long-term program investment, rather than renting coverage from insurance carriers or joining a insurance pool that is comprised of predominantly smaller-sized, mixed public entities that have less established, less formal risk management practices.